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All The Ingredients For a Successful Auction

An auction is often an ideal way to generate the largest amount of cash in the shortest amount of time – but only when your auction provider has these three essential ingredients:

• Experience. With 100 years of combined experience conducting auctions in the industrial marketplace, our experts can assess your assets, giving you a realistic idea of the proceeds your assets are likely to generate, and custom-tailor an auction to meet your business’ needs.

• Attendance. Over many years of consistently well-run auctions, we’ve built a large, loyal base of regular attendees who look forward to our offerings of industrial machinery and equipment. Our auctions are consistently well attended.

• Quality. Because of our attention to promotion, process and detail, Williams & Lipton Company auctions deliver a consistent, high level of quality and are highly regarded in the industry. We have an extensive list of references that we will be happy to provide upon request.

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With a commission sale, you pay a set budget for expenses incurred in conducting the sale, such as labor and marketing. This option usually generates the highest return, but there are also risks – for example, bad weather that might keep people from attending the auction.

This option takes risk out of the equation for you. Williams & Lipton determines the value of your assets and provides you with an offer to purchase them from you, removing all the expenses and risks.

Know how much your auction will make up front. Williams & Lipton conducts the auction and guarantees you a minimum specified amount.  After reaching that amount we will take our expenses.  Any proceeds beyond that will be split between the auctioneer & seller.

If you have individual pieces of machinery, equipment or assets to liquidate that are not in themselves enough to conduct an auction sale, we can help you liquidate those individual assets via a private sale, in which we advertise your assets to our large database of existing clients via email, as well as advertising online, in trade publications and newspapers where applicable.

If you only have a few pieces to sell you can consign them to an upcoming auction for a percentage of the proceeds.

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