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Questions About Appraisals

Why have an appraisal?
An appraisal report provides a "snapshot" of your company's assets at any certain point in time. You might need one for a variety of reasons, including:
• Asset Based Financing
• Acquisition of Assets
• Merger of Assets
• Bankruptcy
• Divorce
• Estate Planning
• Bond Issues
• Insurance Purposes
• Equitable Distribution in conjunction with Business Planning Purposes
• Business Decisions

How long will an appraisal take?
Time frames can vary depending on the size and the nature of the appraisal; Williams & Lipton Company can typically provide a completed appraisal document within 1-2 weeks after the physical inspection.

What will an appraisal cost?
Many factors impact the cost of an appraisal, including size of the facility, number of facilities, type of equipment, type of appraisal, location of the facilities and more. We will be glad to provide you with a free estimate. Simply contact us and a Williams & Lipton Company appraiser/consultant can discuss your options and recommend the necessary appraisal as well as the cost associated with each option.

What types of appraisals do you provide?
Williams & Lipton Company provides the following types of appraisals:
• Fair Market Appraisal
• Forced Liquidation Value (Auction Value) Appraisal
• Fair Market Value In-Place Appraisal
• Orderly Liquidation Value Appraisal
• Limited Scope Project (Desktop Opinion)