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In Conjunction with RJM Auctions

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In Conjunction with RJM Auctions

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Manufax Inc., Traverse City, MI

United Manufacting Network, Warren, MI

Integrity Steel Company, Sterling Hts, MI

State Screw Products, Clinton Twp, MI

Miller Mold Co, Saginaw, MI

TDM International, Flint, MI

Industrial Surplus & Equipment, Ortonville, MI

Matrix Tool, Fraser, MI

Tower Tool, Macomb, MI

Tool Shop, Belleville, MI

Shared Vision, Warren, MI

Storming Grinding, Warren, MI

 J & J Burning & Fab, Warren, MI

Great Lakes Mold & Engineering, Shelby Twp., MI

Dimensional Mold & Engineering, Rochester Hills, MI

JERZ Machine Tool, Dowagiac, MI

DeRick Jig Grinding, Dearborn Hts., MI

Green Tech, Brighton, MI

Surplus Equipment, Madison Hts., MI

Process Prototype, Romulus, MI

Birmingham Hydraulics, Troy, MI

Saturn-OS, Chesterfield, MI

Tru Wall, Wixom, MI

Alternative Fuel, Redford, MI

P & M Industries, Gregory, MI

Maro Precision Tool, Livonia, MI

Decision, Farmington, MI

Dimension Machine, Macomb, MI

Railcar Parts, River Rouge, MI

Highlandview Farms, Harbor Springs, MI

Golf Mania Proshops, Ortonville, MI

Lamar Industrial Plastics, Sterling Hts, MI

Industrial Business Panels, Troy, MI

Creative Equipment, Fraser, MI

Hargrove Machinery, Highland Park, Mi

US Tool & Cutter, Farmington Hills, MI  

Logghe Stamping, Fraser, MI

Industrial Recycling, Detroit, MI

Arlington Display, Detroit, MI




Begin The Auction

For businesses wanting to sell property, equipment or other assets, an auction can be the ideal choice for a straightforward sale that can generate cash without the worry of collection.

  1. Request a proposal or information. One of our experts will work with you to identify the best type of auction for your needs.
  2. We will provide you with a proposal for your auction, along with an agreement for you to sign once you decide to move forward.
  3. From the time we receive your signed agreement, we recommend a four- to six-week time frame leading up to your auction event. Lead time can vary depending on the size of the auction to be held. During this time, we will …
    • Evaluate the assets for auction and provide you with an estimate of costs and the proceeds you are likely to realize
    • Set up the auction site and inventory
    • Catalog the assets
    • Promote the auction to ensure maximum attendance by motivated bidders

Outright Cash Purchase
This option takes risk out of the equation for you. Williams & Lipton determines the value of your assets and provides you with an offer to purchase them from you, removing all the expenses and risks.

Guaranteed Sale
Know how much your auction will make up front. Williams & Lipton conducts the auction and guarantees you a minimum specified amount minus expenses.

Commission Sale
Rather than paying a set amount for our auction services, with a commission sale, you pay a percentage of the overall gross proceeds, plus a set budget for expenses incurred in conducting the sale, such as advertising. This option usually generates the highest return, but there are also risks – for example, bad weather that might keep people from attending the auction.

Buyers’ Premium Sale
With this option, the winner of the auction pays an additional percentage to cover the administrative expenses, which removes the cost of the auction from you to the purchaser.

Upfront Money Sale with Owner Participation
With this option, you may need money up front to fund the auction, wind down operations, pay off the bank or fulfill orders. Williams & Lipton can provide a loan that your business can use to meet its obligations. Some of the proceeds from the auction can then be used to pay back the loan amount.

On-site/Online Sale
Williams & Lipton can conduct your auction on-site, but also add the ability for buyers to bid online, which opens up your auction to a wider audience of potential buyers.

Online Only Sale
Williams & Lipton can host the auction solely online, saving you the manpower necessary to conduct a physical on-site auction.

Private Sale
If you have individual pieces of machinery, equipment or assets to liquidate that are not in themselves enough to conduct an auction sale, we can help you liquidate those individual assets via a private sale, in which we advertise your assets to our large database of existing clients via email, as well as advertising online, in trade publications and newspapers.